Denise Fleck

Denise Fleck

Simply Pets Radio and Host Lisa Smith Putnam {LSP} is thrilled to welcome Denise Fleck of the Pet Safety Crusader’s to the show. Denise is truly one of our heroes as she has made it her mission to make sure that all people know how to save the life of an animal. Why do we love Denise so much? She is Pet Parent Dog Mom to eleven and Cat Mom to one over the years. In the Spring of 2017, she will embark on a first-of-its-kind 10,000-mile Pet Safety Tour through the Southern U.S. We hope she will come back and share with us some of the great events from the road! What’s not to love about this awesome woman?

We just can not say enough wonderful things about her. Enjoy this interview, it might just save your pets life! As a special host Lisa Smith Putnam is joined by her pal Lisa Brambilla as co-host. Lisa Brambilla is the CEO of My Eternal Family Tree ~BioUrn™.A handcrafted biodegradable urn made from 100% organic cotton. These ladies have way to much fun and we expect to hear a lot more from them in the coming new year!

Denise Fleck created the Pet Safety Crusader™ to encourage super heroes of all ages to “Be the one who makes the difference. An award-winning author, animal care instructor and radio show host who developed the curriculum for her Pet First-Aid & CPCR Classes after training with dozens of schools and organizations, practicing, attending seminars and practicing some more. She has taught more than 10,000 animal lovers life-saving skills. In addition to teaching a20 week course in Animal Care through the Burbank Unified School District for high school juniors and seniors at the Burbank Animal Shelter.

Come with us to a world of pure imagination! Yes, we are borrowing a line from the movie “Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory”. Why? Because today Simply Pets Radio show welcomes Mr. John Lund!

John Lund

John Lund

When our host Lisa Smith Putnam first saw Mr. John Lund’s work she fell in love! John creates wonderful masterpieces with the camera and with his creative artistry on his computer. To see John’s work is truly the opportunity to see a work of art! John has found a wonderful way to blend his love of animals to his love and passion of photography! This is a great interview and believe it or not, it comes with some great visuals! How do we show you visuals during a radio show? Ah-Ha…we could tell you, but we think you will appreciate it more if you take a listen! Let us know what you think! We always love hearing from you!


John Lund lives in a world where elephants perform the flying trapeze, cats dance the Can-Can, dogs ride motorcycles, and nothing is impossible. It is a world he creates with his camera and Photoshop. John has been a professional photographer for over thirty years and has used Photoshop to create his new realities for over twenty years. His funny animal pictures are used for everything from greeting cards to coffee mugs to advertising and his gift books have been published in seven languages. John works out of his Sausalito, California studio with his partner and co-creator Stephanie Roeser. A founding member of Blend Images stock photo agency, John is also active in the blogosphere where as the “stockphotoguy” he shares his many years of photography and digital imaging experience.

John's Links:







Simply Pets Radio welcomes Dr. Joel Ehrenzweig to the show today. We are pleased that Dr. Joel took time out of his busy schedule to speak with us today. He is a man of extraordinary knowledge about the world of Veterinary medicine and shares one of the latest products on the market that he feels is a “game changer” for so many of our wonderful PetKids and animals.

Dr. Joel shares clinical trials data from his associate Dr. Terry Beardsley’s. Dr. Beardsley, is a clinical researcher behind the discovery of LTCI (Lymphocyte T-Cell Immunomodulator). LTCI is the first USDA-approved treatment for Feline Leukemia Virus (FeLV) and Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV). It has reportedly also shown that LTCI may show promise in treating Equine Herpes Virus (EHV), the deadly disease attacking the nation’s equine industry.

Hopefully, a further trial will prove the potential of LTCI as a major medical breakthrough in the field of immunotherapy, not only as has been shown for cats, but also to help control other inflammatory diseases in dogs, like arthritis, and EPM, endotoxemia, and laminitis in horses.”

Dr. Joel Ehrenzweig

Dr. Joel Ehrenzweig


Dr. Joel Ehrenzweig has been the Owner of multi-site practices and Chief of staff to various animal facilities during his many years in the Animal Health industry. Not only is he one of the worlds leading Veterinarians, he is also one of the top consultants regarding biotech and animal health managerial. Ehrenzweig’s  extensive background makes him a highly sought after within the vast field of Veterinarian medicine. His innovative business ideas, and clinical trial developments and along with marketing strategies and product branding find him being an effective communicator to consumers, practitioners, colleagues and industry representatives all over the world.

Episode 38 -  Monsters & Miracles

Every now and then you stumble across a person with such fantastic story that you wonder why you have never heard of them. We are pleased to share with you today an interview with Mr. Gary Kaskel here on Simply Pets Radio (formerly Your Pets My Dogs) with our host Lisa Smith Putnam.

Gary is just one of those rare marvelous finds that we are truly excited to share not only his story, but that of Mr. Henry Bergh’s. Gary, has had a strong interest in animal protection and other social justice issues. He was president of United Action for Animals in NYC (2003-2007). His intimate knowledge of the spectrum of animal advocacy led him to make "Animal People - the humane movement in America," a feature documentary in 2006.

Today Lisa speaks to Gary about his latest project Monsters & Miracles. Monster & Miracles is superb read and sheds a tremendous amount of knowledge and love about Mr. Henry Bergh. After several years of researching Mr. Henry Bergh the founder of ASPCA-Henry Bergh, he wrote an historical novel based on Bergh’s life entitled "Monsters and Miracles."

“Monsters and Miracles is the story of a complex and conflicted warrior for children and animals who changed the consciousness of a nation more than a century ago.” If you LOVE animals, this show is a must listen to, as your life as an animal lover will never be the same again! Thank you Gary Kaskel and Henry Bergh for your dedication and love for all that you do and have done in making sure ALL animals are treated with the love and dignity they expect!


Gary Kaskel was born and raised in Manhattan where he studied at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts as a teenager. He has been writing and making films since he was in grade school. His diverse career includes working as a camera salesman, stand-up comedian, journalist, technology consultant, charity executive, actor, screenwriter, director, cameraman and editor.

Since graduating from the CalArts film school, where he studied screen writing and directing under Alexander Mackendrick ("The Man in the White Suit," "The Ladykillers," "The Sweet Smell of Success"), Gary has worked in film and television as a writer, producer, director and cameraman for news, entertainment and documentary projects. 

Gary Kaskel author of "Miracles & Monsters: Henry Bergh's America"

Gary Kaskel author of "Miracles & Monsters: Henry Bergh's America"

For more than twenty years, Gary Kaskel has had a strong interest in animal protection and other social justice issues. He was president of United Action for Animals in NYC (2003-2007). His intimate knowledge of the spectrum of animal advocacy led him to make "Animal People - the humane movement in America," a feature documentary in 2006.

From 2008 to 2011 he was a producer of the annual Genesis Awards for the Hollywood office of The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) responsible for editing the clips and montage packages, as well as producing a variety of Los Angeles-based celebrity public service videos for HSUS.

Presently, Gary Kaskel is CEO of Carriage Trade Media, a production company focusing on developing socially-conscious comedy, drama and historical film and television projects. After several years of researching the life of ASPCA-founder Henry Bergh, he wrote an historical novel based on his life entitled "Monsters and Miracles." He is presently working on an autobiography titled, "I Could Have Been a Pawnbroker."

Episode 37 - Legal Beagles

What makes for a great show? Well, take a listen as we believe that a great show is where you can be entertained and walk away with some important information about the subject at hand or in this case, the subject at 'paw'.  Today we welcome attorney Jeremy Cohen with Boston Dog Lawyers to the Your Pets My Dogs radio show!

Attorney Jeremy Cohen is dedicated to representing dogs and their owners! And we mean dedicated! He has refused several high paying cases from clients asking him to help sentence a dog to death. His outlook on raising a dog will be educational. His knowledge with legal matters is very informative, most dog owners are not even aware of some laws that are currently on the books. Far too often Jeremy hears from people who learn what he does and they wish they’d known about him earlier, before the town took their dog and killed it. “…we are far too smart as a society to not consider all remedies that do not include euthanizing a pet…”

Often owners are ordered to put their dogs down because of an alleged biting or trespassing incident. Jeremy has been able to successfully challenge these orders in many instances. Most people don't realize that dogs have rights. In fact, many city ordinances mistakenly fail to notify owners that they are entitled to certain hearings before a dog is euthanized. Today you will find out the rights that you have and much more! Please join our host Lisa Smith Putnam for a fun and informative show that you are sure not to forget.

Jeremy cohen with boston dog lawyers

Jeremy cohen with boston dog lawyers


Jeremy Cohen has been practicing law for nearly 20 years. During the last 8 of those years he has represented dog owners when their right to have a pet has been restricted by local authorities. 

A lawyer should be more than just a source of information. Whether you are seeking legal representation for a personal injury, debt resolution, insurance subrogation, car accident or slip and fall, the attorney you hire should serve as a trusted advisor and mentor, someone who listens to your goals and identifies options to help you reach them. Jeremy believes that every dog and owner is entitled to be heard by an impartial decision maker where they can defend against allegations and fight for a dog’s life. Why is it that we spend months hearing evidence to determine whether a convicted murderer should be sentenced to death yet just a ten minute hearing about whether a dog should be killed? One reason is that a lot of dog owners are not aware that there are lawyers who can mount a defense for them.

Episode 36 - You Don't Know Djak

Jovana djak

Jovana djak

Our Host Lisa Smith Putnam for the Your Pets My Dogs radio show speaks with Jovana Djak this week. Jovana Djak is a 31 year old who seems to have the world by the tail. She is focused on meeting strangers on Facebook (ok, so they're not total strangers because as she says, we all have the dogs in common- in this case French bulldogs). Jovana concentrates on our need to connect to people, and how these people are less strangers that even those we know in real life, because for years we have been part of each other's lives, through the dogs. This is a fascinating show as we look at sharing our love of animals through one of the biggest social mediums out there. We all learn a little something with show and WE love it!


Jovana Djak loves cooking, painting, writing. Jovana was supposed to be a filmmaker, but after graduating 6 years of film studies in Europe she decided that's not what she wanted to do. 

For over three years, she has been running the Facebook page of Tails Untold Personalized Pet Book's page, and for over 4 years, her mother's dog's Facebook page. During those 4 years, she has met the most wonderful, kind and loving people that she has gotten to know as much as she can, and some, even met in "real life". Talking to other dog lovers (she is one of the few people that are a part of this French bulldog community on Facebook that actually doesn't own a dog), she has come to realize that dozens of them have met in real life and continue to meet, and some of them, including herself have made best friends. 

Episode 35 - The Pet Protection Legal Care Plan

Americans love their pets, and our precious companions need to be protected, safe, and secure. The Pet Protection Legal Care Plan™ book, which includes the Pet Protection Customized Care Agreement™, offers a simple, easy-to-follow process to help pet owners create a pet estate plan. Our Host Lisa Smith Putnam and Your Pets My Dogs is all about protecting our pet kids if heaven for bid something should happen to us. Our guest Mary G. Anderson is the founder of Pet Protection Legal Care and this insightful interview will leave you feeling secure and at peace with the thought of knowing that you have provided care for your pet kid in the event of ones untimely death. Your pet kid will not end up with someone who doesn’t love them or worst at a shelter where they might risk death. Mary has four reasons why we all do or think about planning an estate with our pet kids in mind. Our favorite one from Mary is …' Pets need us to protect and provide for them'.

Mary G. Anderson

Mary G. Anderson

Pets are like family to many of us. Provisions are made for children, family and property but what about our pet companions?    Tune in this week for a very insightful and delightful conversation. You will be glad that you did.


Mary G. Anderson is an author and consultant who is a passionate advocate of planning ahead to use both legally and financially protect yourself, your family, your assets and your pet!  She is dedicated to helping others define their legacy and live true to it.  Mary also provides coaching support with forever change, transition and loss.  Mary lives in Silicon Valley, California, and is the Founder/CEO of the Life Management Consulting Group.

Episode 34 - Paws Up! It's Arden Moore!

Your Pets My Dogs with our host Lisa Smith Putnam is pleased to welcome Arden Moore to our radio show. Arden is a fellow radio host here on Pet Life Radio and you will enjoy this show as Lisa and Arden 'ham it up' on air! Yes, they talk about our wonderful pets and yes, Arden shares with Lisa some really interesting and fun facts about animals especially cats. Did you know that you can actually identify the demeanor (lap sitter or avid hunter or a curious cat by the shape of their face, yes it is true! This show is full of fun and laughter, plus you get to learn some great stuff!   SO, enjoy as two radio mates and pals have some fun! We promise it will leave you laughing and saying, “wow, I didn’t know that!"

Arden Moore

Arden Moore

Arden Moore does many things in the pet world: she's an editor, author, professional speaker, media consultant and behavior consultant. She travels throughout North America to help the public better understand pet behavior through appearances on national shows, she is certified in pet first, CPR and a safety instructor for pets.


Episode 33 - Teaching Children About Compassion

Today on Your Pets My Dogs our host Lisa Smith-Putnam welcomes award winning author of children’s book Diane Rose-Solomon. Lisa and Diane immediately bond and have a delightful conversation as Diane speaks about helping pet loving families teach their children compassion, patience, consistency, kindness, responsibility and unconditional love through her wonderful books- JJ The American Street Dog and JJ Goes To Puppy Class.

In JJ The American Street Dog, we enjoy watching six-year-old Maya and her family, learn about animal rescue as a result of adopting a dog found on the street. Maya and her family learn that adopting a rescue pet is a win-win for all! JJ The American Street Dog is an exciting and uplifting, beautifully illustrated story that teaches people about compassion, animal homelessness and basic care. Tune into today and hear Lisa as a animal lover and lover of children have a fun heart to heart conversation with Diane. We promise you a heartfelt experience and you too will find yourself saying Awwwww, we love it!


Diane Rose-Solomon is a Certified Humane Education Specialist, and the award winning author of children’s book JJ The American Street Dog and How He Came to Live in Our House, and the sequel JJ Goes to Puppy Class. Using her books as a tool, Diane helps parents and educators teach children about compassion and speaks to school children about responsibility, kindness, bonding and unconditional love- some of the prevalent themes in the books. - See more at: http://petliferadio.com/yourpetsmydogsep33.html#bio

Episode 32 - Talking with Dogs & Cats

Have you ever wanted to be like Doctor Doolittle?You know that fabulous animal doctor/communicator that enjoyed being able to speak to the animals? Right…if you love animals, who hasn’t dreamed of this being a reality? Well, look no further, our host Lisa Smith-Putnam welcomes the awesome Tim Link animal communicator to the show. Not only does Tim share with you about what he does and how he does it, he shares with YOU- yes YOU, how you too can communicate and understand your pet kid. So tune in and have some fun. We promise you that you will also learn a thing or two about the fur kids in your life! 


        Tim Link

        Tim Link

Tim Link is an expert animal communicator. Link is an author, writer, speaker, nationally syndicated radio host and full-time animal communicator. As part of his passion for helping animals, he has also mastered Reiki - an ancient art of energy healing - which he uses on animals.  Tim learned that he could communicate telepathically with animals in February 2004. Until then, he had no idea that he had this ability.
He was initially surprised to find himself being able to communicate with animals of all types. Because Link was caught off guard by his own gift, he is adept at helping people hone in on their own communication skills, using the spoken and the visual, and then focus on particular behaviors. Unlike most training methods, Link’s approach respects the individual personality and feelings of animals. His methods, simple and accessible to all, facilitate the understanding that all animal lovers crave.

Episode 31 - Mermaid Melissa

Your Pets My Dogs with host Lisa Smith-Putnam welcomes Mermaid Melissa to this weeks show! This is a “WOW” show! We know, we know,  we tell you every week how great of a show we have in store for you, but this week words can not even describe what you are about to hear. This week we are very excited to share with you our interview with Mermaid Melissa. She is truly one of Lisa’s favorite guests. Mermaid Melissa is such a delight! We love how passionate she is regarding her love of planet and what she does to protect it starting with our marine mammals.

Melissa Mermaid

Melissa Mermaid

What? You don’t believe in Mermaids? Neither did we until this interview.  “… I grew up by an inlet in Flagger County, Florida where dolphins were constantly around me when I would swim. I can recall holding my head underwater unable to see anything but hearing their clicks all around me like a secret code to come into their world. When it came time for me to work with these animals face to face, the adjustment came very easy having studied Marine Biology since I was a teen reading up on these fascinating animals of the sea…”
Your Pets My Dogs invites you with our host Lisa Smith-Putnam into the world of Mermaid Melissa. We hope this will not be our last encounter with this mythical creature of the sea as there is so much more to learn about our oceans and the life and beauty the hold within like Mermaid Melissa!




Mermaid Melissa is the only woman in the world legally named Mermaid! This extraordinary one-of-a-kind education to her aquatic lifestyle is used for promoting ocean education through underwater entertainment. Her slogan? “Let’s help save the oceans before all creatures become mythical." She makes appearances around the world performing underwater breath hold showcases (her longest being 5 minutes) with a licensed Mermaid Entertainment Aquatic Company.

Mermaid Melissa as a young surfer girl from Saint Augustine, Florida grew into something of a lifelong quest to achieve an aquatic career. Her respect for the planet grows daily from relationships with animals, knowing that if we do not help them, who will? The tough decisions we have to make as a human race now determines our fate on how the planet thrives, how we survive, and will reflect on how we treat others in the future.

Mermaid Melissa is well known for the one of a kind skills of having both worked with, and helped protect marine mammals both in the ocean and learning from her work in aquariums.

Episode 30 - A Whale of a Show!

AWARD:   US   wildlife biologist DJ Schubert, left, presents the 2013 Clark R Bavin Wildlife Law Enforcement Award to retired   Trinidad and Tobago   game warden Samsundar Ramdeen on August 2 in   New York  .

AWARD: US wildlife biologist DJ Schubert, left, presents the 2013 Clark R Bavin Wildlife Law Enforcement Award to retired Trinidad and Tobago game warden Samsundar Ramdeen on August 2 in New York.

Your Pets My Dogs is ALL about whales today as we welcome Mr. DJ Schubert from the Animal Welfare Institute (AWI) to the show! That’s right we are talking about whales! Everything you have always wanted to know about these mammals will probably be answered here today on our show. Ok, maybe not everything, but this show is one of our favorites because our Host loveable Lisa Smith-Putnam has fun discussing and asking Mr. Dj Shubert about the lives of these magnificent creatures. Learn about all the different types of whales and how they live and what they eat and do they really do have “family” pods? Lately, so many have whales have encountered us humans or perhaps we should say we are encountering them more and more. However, many people are also lending to the decline of the mammals and Dj shares with us what we all can do to protect not just the whales in our oceans, but ALL the creatures that inhabit our oceans! Did you know that whales have one of the largest brains here on earth? Yeah, we didn’t either and it is a true story! So, join us today and welcome to our world…The wonderful world of Your Pets My Dogs!

About the Animal Welfare Institute
The Animal Welfare Institute (AWI) is a non-profit charitable organization founded in 1951 and dedicated to reducing animal suffering caused by people. AWI engages policymakers, scientists, industry, and the public to achieve better treatment of animals everywhere—in the laboratory, on the farm, in commerce, at home, and in the wild. For more information on AWI, visit www.awionline.org.
D.J. Schubert
Mr. Schubert is a wildlife biologist employed by the Animal Welfare Institute, a non-profit animal protection organization headquartered in Washington, DC, where he works on a variety of national and international wildlife issues. D.J. has a BS in Wildlife Biology from Arizona State University. His career in the animal protection movements spans more than 20 years and a number of advocacy campaigns. Such campaigns have involved a wide array of species and issues including Yellowstone's bison, mountain lions, argali sheep, predator control, black and grizzly bears, sport-hunting, squirrels, coyotes, ungulate management, whales, off-road vehicle management, koalas, international wildlife trade, wild horses and burros, deer, airport bird control, elk, beavers, endangered species conservation, and migratory birds. He has been employed by several organizations with his responsibilities ranging from undercover investigations to managing the Cleveland Amory Black Beauty Ranch, a national animal sanctuary. His educational background, broad range of experiences, along with his interest in the law has allowed him to effectively combine science and law in his wildlife advocacy campaigns.

Episode 29 - Max

MAX with JOSH WIGGINS as Justin Wincott in Warner Bros. Pictures and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures' family drama "MAX," a Warner Bros. Pictures and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures release.

Host Lisa Smith-Putnam welcomes to the Your Pets My Dogs show for the first time Writer/Director and Executive producer of a wonderful family action film called Max (released by Warner Bros.) Mr. Boaz Yakin. These days there are not many movies where you can take the whole family and have it be entertaining for all. Well, we think that our guest today got it right! Boaz Yakin has a fun filled conversation with our host about how special that and  wonderful the human /animal bond can be together.

Max (the dog) is Best friend. Hero. Marine. Yakin, is a self proclaimed dog-lover attests, “I wanted to tell a story that was emotional and heightened, while still keeping it rooted in reality.”

The conversation between Lisa and Boaz is interesting on many fronts, but enjoy a great chuckle when Boaz explains to Lisa, about the main character dog and his stunt double. It’s funny to hear when and how they knew when it was time to call in the stunt double! Yes, even dogs have stunt doubles! Enjoy the interview with Boaz, we surely did! And make sure you go and see the movie- “MAX”…dads, moms and the kids will love it-summertime fun! Thanks for tuning in!

Boaz Yakin

Boaz Yakin is the critically-acclaimed director of the films Remember the Titans and Max, among others. He also has many screenwriting credits to his name, namely Prince of Persia: Sands of Time and Safe.


Warner Bros. Pictures and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures present, 
a Sunswept Entertainment production, a Boaz Yakin movie, “Max.”Best Friend. Hero. Marine.

When people connect with an animal there’s a primal bond that 
Often goes beyond what we experience with other people, says Boaz Yakin, the co 
-writer/director/executive producer of “Max.

That was the initial inspiration for the movie, which 
follows the journey of a military working dog (MWD) whose U.S. Marine handler loses his life in Afghanistan. Traumatized, the dog is adopted by the family the Marine left behind.

Yakin, a self -proclaimed dog-lover attests, “I wanted to tell a story that was emotional 
and heightened, while still keeping it rooted in reality. ”He turned to longtime friend Sheldon Lettich, who co-wrote the screenplay.

Photo Credit: Kent Smith

Episode 28 - The Wolf

Your Pets My Dogs discusses one of our favorite wild life animals on the show today!  We discuss The Wolf!

We live in an age where information comes at us from many different directions and boy does it come in fast and furious at times.  The information being received can sometimes be a bit overwhelming. And let’s face it, we all have a hard time deciphering whether or not that information is true or not?

Nancy gibson

Nancy gibson

For example: we have all heard many stories about the closely related ancestor of our domestic family member the dog- that would be the “wolf”.  

But what do we really and truly know about this wonderful animal? Do they mate for life? How do they compare to our domesticated family member the dog? What really is the lone wolf? Well, you are in for a great treat by listening to this show, because we have the person who knows ALL the answers about the wonderful wolf! Ms. Nancy Gibson  has made it her life passion to understand, love, protect and educate others in this world about wolves and we have her today on the show! 

Your Pets My Dogs  with our host Lisa Smith-Putnam welcomes to the show this week, wolf expert Nancy Gibson.  Ms. Gibson is the Co-Founder of the International Wolf Center

Episode 27 - It's Positively Victoria Stilwell! 

Victoria Stillwell

Victoria Stillwell

The new season of the Your Pets My Dogs radio show! We are excited to welcome you back! We appreciate you and our wonderful host Lisa Smith-Putnam who makes what we do so much fun!   Thank you to everyone for tuning in and allowing us to come into your lives on a weekly basis. We LOVE what we do and we hope that it makes a difference in your life to the positive! 
Speaking of “positive” our first show is the wonderful, talented, and beautiful inside and out Ms. Victoria Stilwell!  Ms. Stilwell is a world-renowned dog trainer best known as the star of the international hit TV series It's Me or the Dog.

Have you ever wonder how to get “Fido” to do what you want him or her to do? Yes, we all know that dogs can be finicky sometimes when it comes to their obedience training. Well, good news! Ms. Stilwell shares with us some of her techniques and makes it seem so easy to get “Fido” to do what we want them to do! Ms. Stilwell believes in “positive reinforcement” dog training and frankly, we agree!

By Victoria Stilwell

Learning does not have to be mean and aggressive. We have a saying around here atYour Pets My Dogs“LOVE IS LOVE”…there is a reason we try and spread it and put it in all that we do!   We love hearing from you…tell us how we did, if you have a show idea or you think you would make a fantastic guest or know someone who would. Reach out and “woof” us at info@yourpetsmydogs.com.

Episode 26 - Happy Holidays!

We here at Your Pets My Dogs want to say THANK YOU to all of our listeners.  Our Host Lisa Smith-Putnam hopes you enjoy this very special Christmas show that we created especially for you.  Be safe this holiday season and give love to all.

We give special thanks to Bill Guy our engineer, our support staff, You our wonderful listener and to Pet Life Radio for a fantastic 2014 year!  Life is what you make it and we feel pretty darn great and fortunate to be able to do the things we love to do!  We will be back in 2015 with more fun, creative and exciting shows

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from our family to yours!

Episode 25 - A Show of Thanksgiving

We here at Your Pets My Dogs are THANKFUL for you our listening audience. YOU wonderful pet/animal lovers make the world a better place!

If you have enjoyed listening to the Your Pets My Dog Radio Showcertainly you will find this show of Thanksgiving among one of your favorites. Our lovable host Lisa Smith-Putnam in this Thanksgiving special chats it up with some of her favorite people as they share stories about their pets and why they love them so!

Questions or Comments? Send them to: lisa@petliferadio.com

Photo: Dreamin’… by Rob on Flickr creative commons.

Episode 24 - Libby Speaks

Hello everyone! We are excited to present this latest and greatest program to you on the Your Pets My Dogs radio show! Our loveable host Lisa Smith-Putnam interviews author John Sheirer and it is truly one of our favorite interviews to date. This is a must listen for any lover of life and surely that of animals.

We all know that dogs have a special wisdom that makes them among the most beloved creatures on earthLibby Speaks by John Sheirer provides a rare look into one miraculous canine mind as Libby, a happy and lovable Border Terrier, gives us her gift of insight about life's mysteries. John Sheirer's stunning photographs provide the perfect backdrop for Libby to share her wit and wisdom with readers young, old, and every age in between.

Episode 23 - Through Frankie's Eyes

Barbara Techel

Barbara Techel

By Barbara Techel

You talk about one passionate lady and a lady who loves life and animals? Then you must be talking about Ms. Barbara Techel!  We here at Your Pets My Dogs must say we love when we hear from YOU our listeners and you share with us a person that you think would make for a marvelous interview! Our loveable host Lisa Smith-Putnam really enjoys this interview with Barbara Techel - please take a listen and find out why.

Episode 22 - Earth Island

Mark J. Palmer

Mark J. Palmer

Your Pets My Dogs fans we are excited that our loveable host Ms. Lisa Smith-Putnam was so excited to bring you this show! Lisa loves all animals; however this is the first time that she has been fortunate enough to do an interview about some of our aquatic animals.  Today we welcome Mark J. Palmer to the show.  Mark is the Associate Director of Earth Island Institute.  Anyone who dedicates their life to helping those who do not have a voice all their own whether it be an animal or a human is a friend of this show! Welcome friends! We truly hope you enjoy this show.

Episode 21 - In the Company of Animals

Dr James Serpell

Dr James Serpell

Cambridge University Press

Today on the Your Pets My Dogs show our host Lisa Smith-Putnam welcomes Dr. James Serpell. Have you ever wondered why your pets will do certain things? Acts a certain way towards other pets? Ever wonder exactly what they are trying to tell you? Well- ASK no more! Dr. James Serpell answers some of those questions and much more. Our favorite question and answer is why do little dogs have such a “big dog” complex! Ha-ha-ha…are you laughing yet? We hope so, as we have fun with Dr. Serpell and learn so much about our human interaction with our pets…it is on one of our favorite shows.


Episode 20 - My Eternal Family Tree

Lisa Brambilla

Lisa Brambilla

Lisa Smith-Putnam host of Your Pets My Dogs welcomes another Lisa to her show this week. Lisa Brambilla is the creator of BioUrn and the president of My Eternal Family Tree.  Lisa Brambilla has a great of love for animals and even a great passion about life.

This amazing woman after losing one of her pets wanted to celebrate  life and came up with what our host Lisa Smith-Putnam thinks is a blessing to all who have suffered a loss and a fantastic to way to celebrate their life through this unique product.

Visit the My Eternal Family Tree website to learn more about their wonderful product.

Episode 19 - Tails Untold

Susan Lyman

Susan Lyman

Do you love books? Do you love pets? Well…? We know you love Your Pets My Dogs and WE love you! Then you do not want to miss this episode!  We promise you – YOU will not be disappointed. Need the perfect gift idea for the pet parent who has everything or that grandchild or your child as a keepsake…well, our loveable host Lisa Smith-Putnam is at it again for YOU!  Lisa has found the fabulous Susan Lyman, creator and founder of Tails Untold Personalized Pet Books!

But ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls - this isn't just any ole’ pet book! It brings your pet into a real life adventure story…yes, it’s true! Susan personally oversees and puts together your book. It is a beautifully illustrated, 20-page, hardcover, coffee-table keepsake book. Tune in, take a listen and then go and order your book today… It will make a wonderful addition to any collection! Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and tell a friendJ! facebook.com/YourPetsMyDogs And if you are into that tweeting thing Tweet us @yourpetsmydogs.

Kainoa Clark  .

Kainoa Clark .

Your Pets My Dogs wants to know can you say Woof! Woof!  Yes you can! And we believe if you take a listen to this great interview with our fantastic host Lisa Smith-Putnamand Kainoa Clark one of the members of the OraPup All Star team - your dog will be saying it too!  After all Woof! Woof! is your dog’s way of saying THANKS! Thank you to you!

Robert “Dr. Bob” Wagstaff

Robert “Dr. Bob” Wagstaff

If you love your pets like you love your kids, then you’ll probably want to hear all about the Orapup, which is a doggy tongue cleaner that promises to combat bad doggy breath by getting rid of it, right at the source. 

Episode 17 - Big-Foot- Man, Legend, Animal or Beast? Part 2

We pick up from part one of our Bigfoot ~ Sasquatch interview is it man, legend, animal, or beast? Our Host Lisa Smith-Putnam gets first hand accounts from our two investigative reporters Jeffrey Gonzalesand and Allen Thomas.  Jeff and Allen are experts on everything Big-Foot! Sasquatch, so we are excited to have them on the show!

Jeffrey Gonzales  and

Jeffrey Gonzalesand

Allen Thomas

Allen Thomas

Don't worry if you missed the first show, feel free to go back in the archives and listen anytime! You can still enjoy this episode without having heard the first show! We promise YOU that you  will not be disappointed. Maybe a little scared to go out in the woods, maybe or maybe not! But disappointed…heck no!

Enjoy! This is a new year for us here at Your Pets My Dogs and we have lots to bring you. Don’t  forget to let us know what you think and share with us any stories /people you would like  Our Host Lisa Smith-Putnam interview. We love our listening audience and we always aim to please!!

Join us with our season opener for 2014 as our Host Lisa Smith-Putnam interviews Jeffrey Gonzales and Allen Thomas from Paranormal Central. In a Your Pets My Dogs exclusive and our first two part interview ever, we discuss BIG-FOOT! Yes, Sasquatch! If you are NOT a believer then that’s okay, but Lisa does a comprehensive interview with these two investigative reporters and we gotta tell ya –yes, that’s right! We are believers’ now… so, take a listen and then you must tell us what you think!

Oh! One more thing: “… In 2012 A team of scientists can verified that their 5-year long DNA study, currently under peer-review, confirms the existence of a novel hominin hybrid species, commonly called “Bigfoot” or “Sasquatch…”

Are you scared? Are you intrigued?  Got ‘cha…now you must tune in!

Episode 15 - Lorenzo Borghese - A Prince of a Guy!

Prince Lorenzo Borghese

Prince Lorenzo Borghese

We are pleased to announce that our Special Guest is Prince Lorenzo Borghese! Prince Lorenzo Borghese is the Prince who Loved Animals. You might know him from The Bachelor television show etc., but we know him from his pet products~ Royal Treatment! Royal Pet Club was founded by Prince Lorenzo Borghese, whose family has been in the cosmetics industry for over fifty years.

Lorenzo is also involved with many animal welfare organizations including the Humane Society of the United States, North Shore Animal League and is an honorary animal welfare Ambassador for the ASPCA  This caravan brought awareness to this country’s use of the gas chamber in 31 states and also resulted in saving 188 dogs from a high-kill Georgia shelter.

Can we say more? Yes! We can say a lot more, but why don’t you just listen to the show? So we love our Prince Lorenzo Borghese. He is certainly a Prince to us here on the Your Pets My Dogs radio show! Our host, Lisa Smith-Putnam has fun and finds out that she and the Prince have a lot in common when it comes to the animals they love and support. Enjoy the show!

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