Host of the Simply Pets Radio Show,    Lisa Smith Putnam {LSP}   with one out of  three  of her PetKids...Mr. Jaxxs.

Host of the Simply Pets Radio Show,  Lisa Smith Putnam {LSP} with one out of three of her PetKids...Mr. Jaxxs.

SIMPLY PETS RADIO (formerly known as Your Pets My Dogs) is excited to welcome you to our new website! We have changed our name to broaden our brand and reach, but it is still the same 'ole loving talk radio show that you have come to know and love.

Voted as one of the top pet radio shows, people are saying it's a keeper! We think you will agree. With Our Host Lisa Smith Putnam and our new season of fun filled shows, we promise you will want to laugh, share and play with us everyday!                                                                    

Episodes spotlight pet health, well-being, fascinating animal stories--some funny, some sad, some uplifting–and all teaching us a thing or two. We always make sure we give you a little trivia to take to your next fun gathering.

Every week we leave you with Lisa Smith Putnam’s very own feature of pet etiquette called “PETIQUETTE". It is a common-sense guide that people should know about handling their own pets as well as everybody else’s. For example, please do not just walk up and pet my dogs. Ask first!  Now that’s Petiquette!

You can find our radio show on the internet or a radio station near you! Our Host Lisa Smith Putnam invites you to take a listen and get in on the discussion! After's all about the animals we love and a few people too!


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L.S.P.  -   Laugh, Share and Play in ALL that you do!


Interview of the Week

                   Denise Fleck

                 Denise Fleck

Simply Pets Radio and Host Lisa Smith Putnam {LSP} is thrilled to welcome Denise Fleck of the Pet Safety Crusader’s to the show. Denise is truly one of our heroes as she has made it her mission to make sure that all people know how to save the life of an animal.

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Simply Pets Archive Shows

                             John Lund

                       John Lund

Come with us to a world of pure imagination! Yes, we are borrowing a line from the movie “Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory”. Why? Because today Simply Pets Radio show welcomes Mr. John Lund!

When our host Lisa Smith Putnam first saw Mr. John Lund’s work she fell in love! 

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Enjoy a "Best of" show

                     VICTORIA STILLWELL

                  VICTORIA STILLWELL

Have you ever wonder how to get “Fido” to do what you want him or her to do? Yes, we all know that dogs can be finicky sometimes when it comes to their obedience training. Well, good news! Ms. Victoria Stilwell shares with us some of her techniques and makes it seem so easy to get “Fido” to do what we want them to do! Ms. Stilwell believes in “positive reinforcement” dog training. Our Host Lisa Smith Putnam receives...

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Ever wonder why you don't see many birds (except owls) flying at night? Or why a Panda Bear isn't really in the "bear" family? Yeah, us enjoy our little factoids here. Remember to laugh, share and play everyday!